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Foot Orderly Services

As New Zealand has grown, the urban sprawl has spread dramatically and many town centres are all busy community hubs.

Commercial centre areas need a bigger proactive focus on cleanliness, quicker responses to areas of concern such as spillages on footpaths around shops, loose litter collection and removal of graffiti on bins and street furniture in main shopping areas.

We worked closely with Auckland City Council over a decade ago to establish the first base of foot orderly service provisions to meet the changing needs of the environment and the growing city and since then expanded those throughout the region and then the country.

The benefits have shown an increase in the cleanliness of the centres, a reduction in tagging and vandalism, improvement in the engagement and relationships between all commercial centre stakeholders, thereby creating beautiful town centres any city would be proud of.

The compliments we receive from Business Associations and members of the public alike on the service we provide, the difference our foot orderlies make, as well as how pleasant they are when the public interact with them, has been phenomenal.

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