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Hard Surface Cleaning

Keeping your facilities clean requires a range of methods and equipment. We specialise in heavy duty cleaning and can make your car parks, paths, driveways, and other hard surfaces look attractive, tidy, and appealing. Cleaning matters outdoors as well as indoors! Each facility we care for is different; we have an experienced team who can come up with effective solutions for any requirement.

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We have several mechanical sweepers which we use to sweep footpaths and car park areas. They are light enough for the footpaths to withstand their weight without any damage, but also solid and capable enough to deliver a far more detailed clean than manual servicing—delivering maximum productivity with high manoeuvrability. We currently service over 20 major town centres using our mechanical ride-on sweepers.

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Among our range of eco-friendly equipment are electric mechanical scrubbers that remove unwanted dirt, grease, and grime from hard surfaces to leave a clean, non-slippery surface. Our scrubbers recycle water as they operate, preventing contaminated water from entering the stormwater system. Dust control systems prevent stirring up fine dust particles and squeegees ensure water is collected and surfaces are left dry.

The feedback since we started using these scrubbers in town centres has been tremendous. Clients have been very happy with the improved cleaning standards that we provide.

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We have custom designed and built our own heavy duty hot and cold water blasting trucks for use on hard surfaces. These are ideal for heavy duty cleaning and gum removal. As the entire mechanical components are housed in an encased truck unit, we meet all decibel ratings for working in town centres at night which provides us with greater flexibility to deliver services without inconvenience to the public.

In areas where storm water drains are present, we operate a suction truck in conjunction with our water blasting units to ensure contaminated water is contained. Our smaller water blasting units allow us to offer a range of water blasting solutions for small areas, spot cleaning, and washing of street furniture.

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For clients that require a total open space or grounds maintenance service, we have experienced staff and the right equipment to take care of all minor hard surface repairs such as potholes, concreting, or car park line marking. We have carried out these functions over the last decade for a range of high-profile local government and private clients.

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