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Chewing Gum Removal

Our innovative thinking has seen Eco Maintenance lead the way in chewing gum removal from city pavements.

A lot of time and money has been invested to ensure that we have the best technology available to remove chewing gum from hard surfaces, whilst minimising any inconvenience to the public.

Most pavements and pedestrian areas feature unsightly, discarded chewing gum which is extremely hard to remove using traditional methods.

Eco Maintenance custom designed and built trucks allow for two operators to work concurrently, resulting in cost saving, efficiency and an increased frequency in the removal of chewing gum.

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Our specially designed units encased in the trucks use water and steam at a heat of up to 145 degrees which softens the chewing gum, allowing for a quick and easy removal from different surfaces such as tarmac, concrete, stone and paving. This specialised cleaning not only allows for the removal of chewing gum but also for the removal of stains, dirt and unwanted materials in an environmentally friendly way, without the need for chemicals.

With the efficiency of these machines and staff, many areas which were previously plagued with gum are now close to being gum free.

Our Eco Maintenance Services team are available to offer our customer free advice and a competitive plan on chewing gum removal from a variety of surfaces.

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